Agency Agency

We support ship operations
with our dependable knowledge and experience.

Holding the “on-site, first” principle, we arrange and coordinate to support our customer’s smooth ship operations as well ensuring the ship and crews’ safety, on behalf of the ship company which we cooperate with.
To be flexible with respect to weather and various conditions, we need to communicate with respective interested organizations. We exchange detailed information with them and carefully work for our customers.


Prioritize safety & assurance when docking and loading/unloading cargo.

広島港海田ターミナルに着岸するMARVEL号 広島/中関ー釜山間を運航

Ship, MARVEL docking at the Kaita terminal in Hiroshima Port.
Operates between Hiroshima/Nakanoseki and Pusan.

山口県防府市 三田尻中関港のヒロクラ防府事務所(防府ポートビル内)

HIROKURA Hofu office at Mitajiri Nakanoseki Port in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (in the Hofu Port Building)


Ship, operated by NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers

外洋航行中の豪華客船  飛鳥Ⅱ号

Luxury cruise ship, ASUKA II on the open sea

Husbanding which is crucial for safety

Various types of ships including car carriers, container ships, lumber carriers, heavy cargo carriers, and passenger ships come into Hiroshima Port. To let the ship enter port smoothly, dock, and load/unload cargo, we apply for permission at relevant offices and arrange pilots and tugboats, cooperating with the captains and securing safety.

Feeder service for Japan-Korea and international shipping routes

We have more than 20 years experience in the feeder service between Hiroshima Port and Pusan Port In Korea, one of the most important logistics to Asia, Europe, and the U.S., too.

2 base sites: Hiroshima Port and Mitajiri Nakanoseki Port in Yamaguchi Prefecture

We have a “Hofu office” in Hofu city, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Also, we arrange/coordinate ships’ entry to Hiroshima Port or Mitajiri Nakanoseki Port in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Domestic shipping business

We can also arrange a domestic feeder service connecting to mother ships, using domestic container carriers between the Hiroshima and Hanshin regions.

We’re the agency for the following shipping companies